Mirror, mirror

An open mind allows us to see what the eyes are blind to.


Like, breathing anew or seeing colour for the first time, BCM110 research, probing, and concepts and investigating diverse perspectives, challenged & changed the way I perceived the information we helplessly immerse ourselves in.



The only way we are strengthen, nourish and advanced is through challenging certain perceptions and beliefs.


Learning to see differently, with a clean yet sophisticated lens is more valuable than gold. “Education is the most powerful Weapon.”


(Personally) Thought-provoking and challenging notions that allow the eyes to transcend its ability, helpful in this evolving contemporary society, involved:

And how they inevitably correlate with moral panic, which threatens societal values


The media is undoubtedly an influential force. The flawed perception of media, is that the media controls beliefs, actions of society and spirals personal issues by being manipulated by what we see. Media isn’t the sole perpetrator- underlying issues connect deeper than the media.  


These array of media effect on society, unravel a debate in the interactive public sphere through blogs, twitter, articles, newspapers, online forums, news like: Miley-discussion or British Reality controversy.


The public Sphere balances out the control of the media, allows a free flow of opinions, ideas and beliefs in a liberal society.


We matter and our voices are heard and we educate other individuals within the public Sphere.Through this, I appreciate conflicting opinions as they allow me to perceive differently on issues and on current beliefs, allowing subjects to be beautifully seen in a new light I was not aware of.


the way we interpret media, images (semiotics) and news is our lifeline for surviving, without being victimized to personal issues such as low self-esteem or believing a biased opinion and being persuaded by lies. 


Interpreting photographs rely on experiences, knowledge, social culture, and ideological perspective. What we see, we delve deeper into through our connotations- allow us a personal/shared understanding.



The media recreates our beliefs and opinions. Our Beliefs are a part of us- beliefs are precious jewels: 


“When it comes to controlling human beings, there is no better instrument than lies. Because you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts”
– Michael Ende

 the media concepts all affect the notion of our beliefs. 


 We are prisoners by what we believe. I’m grateful for the challenge and enhacing my perception on issues that relate to the whole of society.

Media can be a negative influence, if you become thoughtlessly subjected. But, media can also be used to support, educate and nourish our world of topics that enhance our desire like (Eric Thomas) or acknowledge our world with international issues (like female genital mutilation.

It’s not about limiting media sources, but how you interpret what you see and questioning what we are meant to believe. Education is our sword to defeat harmful beliefs.

I loved the passion and work and thoughts, BCM110 extracted in me but also in others. I admired the challenging and new perceptions with diverse blogs and informative comments.





“To drink, or not to drink”


As interactive individuals in an innovative and evolving society, we contribute to the notion “The public Sphere”.
We deliberate and debate, it’s thought-provoking, and stirs subjective challenges. (Read a brief yet powerful insight to Jurgen Habermas ‘The public Sphere’)

Jurgen Habermas, simply depicts the public sphere:  

“A realm of our social life in which something approaching public can be formed” 


It’s purely a concept we’re exposed and related, through technological advances, social media and the media masses

A Visual concept of people who exchange ideas, opinions and feelings in relation to what matters to them in a liberal society.


We consistetny witness this active, mediated interaction of public forums (Facebook, blogs, magazines, online forums, television, radio, newspapers, the media, etc.)


A popular, common and contemporary debate of concern“JERSEY SHORE”  


Watch  the Insight to the uprise of concern ! 

The controversial and influential reality t.v show spirals social conflict over: 

  • Negative representation of behavior (Partying, modesty)
  • Violence
  • Sex
  • Coarse Language
  • Promoting pessimistic influence for the growing generation
  • Low level of Intellect
  • American- Italian Stereotypes
  • Persistent Partying/Clubbing as a “Fun Lifestyle”
  • Superficiality
  • Bad Relationship projection
  • Depreciating morals
  • Provocative Dancing
  • Glorification on Promiscuity 

The negative behavior presented blatantly in Jersey Shore and the negative connotations (Watch two explicit Jersey scenes, raising debate The cast and the Females ) inevitably, escalating MORAL PANIC , specifically in the domestic environment.



A captivating article, an amazing example of the contribution of the public sphere, based on Jersey Shore – Read here🙂


Binge drinking and Sex is a sensitive topic for parents. Jersey shore seems to glamorize the negative notions or highlight it. Episodes consistently involve excessive alcohol and dramatize and revolves around promiscuity. tremendously shackling the hearts of parents and cultivates the attention of the youth.




According to the governor of New Jersey, the entire cast of the popular MTV reality show is giving the governor’s state a terrible reputation.



The negative stereotypes about Italian Americans, is sustained through the pessimistic behavior of the cast-members. Usually, when society observes a group under a label, ethnic/racial, their behavior reflects on the whole group. A show featuring Italian-American ethnic group inevitably confirms pessimistic stereotypes, tags and denotations- Delve deeper, read here



SUPERFICIALITY becomes a concern as the cast focus on the outer-exterior (Tanning, make-up, clothes, gym, etc) promoting beauty on physicality, dangers self-esteem and makes it more difficult for the young generation to seek individual-worth .Definitely unraveling concern for the public sphere, specifically parents, schools and churches.



In a contradicting light, the female personalities definitely challenge the gender expectations & Morality.

Image(source: more funny quotes on Jersey shore, like above and below


We are only affected by the media, if we allow ourselves to be manipulated. If we are educated and empowered in our morals, ideologies and perspectives, the world can do us no harm, unless we let it.

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Sway Me With Your Perfect Words


There are always predatory composer(s), like lions savaging their way to power, ours is behind the news we helplessly absorb.

Don’t be swayed by ENTICING productions of information.

Listen actively to the rhythm of the stories and observe the underlying beats of perspectivebecause sometimes what we are exposed to is deliberate and serves purpose to the composer(s).

Beliefs are as precious as a gem. Our beliefs control us in perspective, ideology and opinions. 


Media ownership becomes significant as it affiliates with the information society areprocessed to believe; especially as it educates communities on aspects we do not have access to (like politics).

As a valued and respected individual, media ownership affects society as it disrupts the notion of democracy. 

Active observers and inquisitive desires cure ignorance, allowing us to reflect on what we choose to absorb without being victims of authorial representation and biased opinions.


Media control disturbs the role of the media, by substituting traditional public interestimperatives, and unbiased opinions and information with corporate and political motives.
This further provoked by William Melody:

“the greatest threat to freedom of expression… possibility that private entrepreneurs will always tend to monopolize the marketplace of ideas in the name of economic efficiency and private profit.”

In addition, Werner A. Meier voices his concern on television, and other sources of media we feed off of, tend to destroy the very public space global information opens up, through

“Relentless trivializing, and personalizing of political issues.”


In contemporary capitalist societies, media inevitably influence and subject society to an unconscious perception of the intended composer, such as Rupert Murdoch’s strategic political perspective on his media ownership (watch for Insight) or (watch quick rebuttal to Murdoch’s Control)

In (Who owns the media) heavily criticizes the control of the media and is supported by diverse sources. In this chapter, it significantly notes the importance media control obtains over a society and the dangers of being thoughtlessly subjected to the exposure:

For example, in the US –

“according to some media observers and scholars, a small of powerful owners of six to ten media conglomerates, control what is read by the population, what people see and hear- or do not read, see and hear. Concerns are expressed about increasing corporate control of mass mediated information flows and about how democracy can function if the information that citizens rely on is tainted by the influence of mega-media.”


The media only displays the information and ‘facts’ they want society to know. Inherently, targeting parallel perceptions and ideologies.

Don’t be hypnotized by the fancy silver platter the media serves, taste the words and seek a desire to be hungry for more than one ingredient.

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Charm me sweetly with Ignorance




We are Prisoners of our own minds.

We are enslaved by what we believe.



“There is no darkness but ignorance”

Photographs broaden our imagination, they inevitably tell stories and our minds try to captivate the plot by delving into signified meanings and not the blatant. Photographs are stories that grant the mind to see, ponder and absorb what the eyes are blind to, due to denotation.

Our minds are frantic miniature artists that insanely savage images, to madly piece together a haunting or beautiful masterpiece that permit a personal understanding, to which we see with clarity.

A pallet of our:

  •          Experiences
  •          Shared/ Personal knowledge
  •          Ideological perspective
  •          Triggered emotions
  •          Social and Cultural determinants

Inevitably cultivate and paint our interpretations.



“We all see only that which we are trained to see”
– Robert Anton Wilson


This provoking photograph’s proximity stirs a mixture of emotions; this captures what we blatantly denote – an Islamic woman whose eyes compel us to delve deeper, who conforms to the Islamic religious ritual.


The unsettling glazed stare is like a bullet wounding the soul; you cannot help but feel her torment. The connotations of the jail bars emphasize this, stressing the imprisonment of the Islamic culture and the criminal stereotype affiliated – Enslaved, trapped & unjust.

Empathy inexorably unravels.


There is an array of perspectives to many stories, how many are we being exposed to? HERE is an empowering discussion on the topic of the Islamic Burka.


This perpetuates prejudice! This exposes an idea to society of oppression, without invoking the Islamic ideology, preying on the ignorance of individuals to target the desired response.


Photographs trigger strong emotions, extracting a parallel perception.


Emotions are powerful, they create empathy, and feelings lead to passionate Responses, actions and beliefs.

Cautiously, immerse ourselves in what we see because we are blinded to certain things, especially when knowledge is non-existent.

Create your own voice without scorching down the fancy silver platter by the media, savor the taste, let it weigh in before you indulge- don’t be drunk on oblivion !

UNDERSTANDING is our life line, it is powerful. It is Armour when the bullet of specific opinions fire and for surviving the destructive smile of ignorance.

Challenge what we see and we will never be blind.

Reference list (hyperlinks used in blog)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWu2RNG90c0 – Video


Kissed, Seduced & Tainted by the Media

We’re all guilty. We’ve all been tainted by the media.


We cannot deny the sweet kiss of social media‘s distraction, the seductive smile of beauty or the tantalizing sway of media’s trends. The only distinct difference and most important is, the way we interpret media’s seductive little dance.

We feed ourselves hungrily with social media like savage animals, because it fulfills us in ways reality can’t, it becomes an undying thirst.

Then, slowly we’re addicted, engulfed in technology. Ironically, social-networks generally unravel anti-social behavior – Ridley Scott’s dystopian film “Blade Runner” (1982) fears of a deteriorating humanity, with no connection, lack of communication and empathy DUE to technological consumption.


We indulge in social media as it allows society to choose what we show the world prior to how we want to be perceived.  It’s why it’s so tempting, addicting & leads to depreciating ourselves (Harvard Study on Social Media) it’s unsettling because we are consumed with the perception of the world instead of our own, the most valuable.

Columbia University Professor Keith Wilcox advises: 

 “It’s not about don’t spend time on Facebook, but just be aware of what it might be doing to you.”

Human behavior is essential with the media, not exclusively what we observe behind the screen but more of “how we interpret it

The issue with media is the consistent messages that shape our

  • Perceptions
  • Perspective
  •  Opinions &
  •  experiences

On topics we’re oblivious and ignorant to, causing us to think and perceive in a certain way. This is self-destructive when connected to self-perception such as idealism, beauty and body-image  “According to the Journal of Research on Adolescence, 500 adolescent girls were surveyed, ages ranging from 9 to 16, close to 70% believed that advertisements in magazines have influenced their idea of the perfect body and shape.” – (Article)

                                                    PicMonkey Collage


Education is the most powerful Weapon 

Educate our society on realism, on individuality & self-worth,  not – what is unobtainable !

Media cannot be the sole perpetrator but definitely a factor. Other determinants arise from an array of complex-contributors like an unsupportive environment.This social anxiety like other media effected issues such as obesity, violence, swearing, social disconnection, sexuality, mental health problems are triggered through underlying personal connections.

Active audience’s are not thoughtlessly subjected to mass media.

Immunity = Active Mind (awareness)

The media will seduce you, but you have to understand the meaning behind the tainted smile. Otherwise we’re unconscious victims KISSED by the media.






Reference List (Hyperlinks used in Blog)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPnfjwKfkSk – Linked Video “Photoshop makes anything possible”

https://www.westminstercollege.edu/myriad/index.cfm?parent=2514&detail=4475&content=4795 – Article




Insight to Vera

“It’s not how much money you make that ultimately makes you happy.  It’s whether or not your work fulfills you.”

TALOFA LAVA, Malo e lelei, Aloha, Kia orana  or in other words WELCOME!

Polynesian Photography <3

I have literally, been sitting here looking at the computer screen for almost an hour, about to go blind and slightly insane, contemplating how to simplify these scattered thoughts in my mind. So, here goes my sanity. 

The best things in life are free, specifically food ! I over-indulge in junk food. Don’t judge me 🙂  I have never eaten healthy in my life, I cringe when I hear the word Salad -_- Polynesian Dancing is my favorite exercise or boxing (when I’m not breathless).

Believe in trying everything at least once. Excitement for me is caused through new experiences.  I love, love, love, LOVE unusual and taboo things in life- cultures, religions, traditions, concepts, even people! WEIRD IS GOOD – INSANITY, EVEN BETTER! Laughing is my hobby 😀

I enjoy  being in a different environment. I love being out of my comfort zone, it allows growth and new experiences. It’s the main reason I travel to University of Wollongong on a 2.5 – 3 hour train ride.  I find peace in not being in the same place and always being on the move- different people, different thoughts, different places, new stories.

Freedom is a must. Humor is essential. Pacific Islander & A strong believer of the man upstairs.

I’ am currently undertaking a double degree – Bachelors of Arts & Bachelors of Journalism. I’ve decided to pursue something I love, that way I never have to work a day in my life ! Writing is my passion, I  admire the malleability of words and how it can be used to captivate a essence of life or emotion a writer is aiming to impose.

Oh, just in case you’re wondering, my name *Drum Roll*  VERA SOVALA